Friday, December 26, 2008

BCS Delusions

They say that the first step to personal healing is to admit that I have a problem, and so to coax the healing, I hereby admit the existence of my own mired situation. Do I have a drinking problem? No. Am I addicted to nicotine? No. My problem may not be as serious as the aforementioned, but perhaps I am just as if not more deluded as he or she who smokes like a Californian wildfire and spits in the face of future consequence. Explicitly stated, my problem is as follows: every year when the summers ebbs and the calendar flips to August, I truly believe that the college football teams about whom I most passionate, will end their respective seasons in national respect, prominence, and glory. As Fall approaches, I am convinced that the teams Boise State and Brigham Young University suit up and send out each year will hold their own against the nation’s best.

Granted, BSU ended an amazing run during the ’06 season by beating a very good Oklahoma team in the Fiesta Bowl, which they did with some of the most flashy and memorable late game heroics ever displayed in any football game. However, it was evident that had BSU merely answered Adrian Peterson’s touchdown score with one of their own, they would not have been able to do so a second time, hence the two-point, quasi-statue of liberty play from Zabranski to Johnson that sealed victory for the Broncos.

This year however, an undefeated BSU squad couldn’t even beat one of the best from the non-BCS affiliated Mountain West Conference. Which brings me to my other favorite team that coincidentally dukes it out every year in the same Mountain West Conference, BYU. My delusion of their grandeur was poignantly dashed by a much better Texas Christian University team, a team with superior talent, speed, and game planning. One BYU coach allegedly said that the weaknesses exploited by the Horned Frogs were clearly evident to the Cougar staff from the season’s get go; the Cougars simply fooled previous opponents with their branded bend-not-break defense. Once teams figured out how to take advantage of the gracious 10 yard cushion the nearly lead-footed BYU secondary consistently offered, the result was the shellacking smacked down by the University of Utah at season’s end. Brian Johnson completely nearly 400% of his passes and did so with the kind of ease that reminded me of playing video games with all the cheats. Want to complete another 8 or 10 yard pass? Just press any button.

My beloved BYU Cougars and Boise State Broncos don’t have the talent and will never be able to recruit the kind of talent that can compete with the Florida Gators, USC Trojans, and Texas Longhorns or any other of the BCS best. When a five star high school recruit has those schools to choose from, why would he settle for BSU or BYU?

We’ll talk again when BYU and BSU join one of the BSC conferences. Until then and until pigs fly, here’s hoping for a little Cinderella magic!