Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glenn Beck's Jesus not the Jesus of the Bible?

Recently, Focus on the Family, a self proclaimed Christian organization, decided to retract an interview they published that featured Glenn Beck, an interview centered around his recent book, The Christmas Sweater. Throughout the book and during the interview, Glenn discusses in some measure a few basic tenets of his faith which are founded in the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The withholding of the interview seems to be born of simple ambivalence, ambivalence on the part of Focus on the Family. While they hold Glenn Beck in high esteem, they also deny his Christianity. According to them, because he is "Mormon," he is therefore not Christian. I assume it is Glenn's goodness that the organization highly regards; however, if that goodness is not founded in Christianity, rhetorically speaking, then where is it founded? They don't accept Glenn for his faith, but they believe he embodies, at least in some regard, characteristics of goodness. But if all goodness doesn't find its origin in Christ, then from whence does a Mormon's come if a Mormon be not Christian? Do those espousing the teachings of the Nicene Creed believe that goodness can also find its origins elsewhere? I don't know.

What is most unfortunate about this situation is that the Christian leaders associated with Focus on the Family chose to focus on that which divides instead of unites. They chose a doctrine of exclusion over the more Christian doctrine of inclusion. However, their Mormon, "non-Christian" counterparts believe that all religions, though their names for God and manners of worship are different, believe in the same Supreme power that rules the universe. Ask their leaders, and that's what they'll tell you. However, if you find intriguing the doctrines unique to their manner of worship, Mormon leaders would invite your honest and sincere investigation. If you don't care for those doctrines, then those same leaders hope to nonetheless share in the unity and brotherhood that exists according to the things we hold in common.

Therefore, Focus on the Family forewent a great opportunity to further spread the peace and joy that faith holds for all mankind by not supporting Glenn Beck and subsequently not supporting members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They may assert that Beck's Jesus is not the same Jesus of the New Testament, but you will never hear Beck or any other faithful member of the same church reciprocate such a divisive doctrine.

So thank you, Focus on the Family. Thank you and all others who disdain Mormon theology. Thank you for taking yet another opportunity to divide us, to make Mormons the pariah of the Christian world and for withholding the Savior's merciful olive branch of peace and unity. While you may be ready and willing to condemn Mormons and other "non-Christians," I hope you know that you have another choice. You can assume that God's plan for us all is one of salvation, not condemnation, one where most of us return to him. And You can mete out your judgments of mankind mercifully because in the end, don't you hope that mercy is the sole criterion by which God judges you?

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jeff and pam said...

Amen, my friend :). I like your blog buddy--you have interesting goings on in there :) and I have to say, I agree with all of them. . . except. . . I'm still in denial about BSU. . . someday. . . someday. . .

Bryce said...

NICE WORK! I loved the book. I bought it this year for Christmas and was very moved by the story. Thanks for your stance. I back you up.