Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen Collapse

Let me be brief. The world leaders that have converged on Denmark for the Copenhagen Climate Summit have done so with 1,200 limos and 140 private planes. Oh the irony!
So what is supposedly worse for the environment, the abundance of hot CO2 emitted from the mouths of all these leaders or their modes of transportation?

The truth is that these leaders aren't as concerned with the environment as they are with money, power, and control. The redistributive responsibility of trillions of dollars is possibly at stake, and there's not a self-important politician in the world who doesn't want a piece of that action.

Trust in and deference to the government is foolhardy I tell you . . . FOOLHARDY!


annie said...

i agree with you about the irony of the situation. it's clearly ridiculous, but i have to just throw this out there:
it's clear that they all get around that way, wherever they go--i mean, we're not dummies, we know that. so wouldn't it be just as silly if they put up a front by driving themselves in a prius? i mean, i know i wouldn't buy it. would you? it's kind of a lose-lose.