Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At least they're trying to fix things!

A common theme I hear from those who support Obama and his agenda is the paltry, "well at least he's trying to fix things!" This defense seems almost automatic as I and countless others continue to criticize the president and congress. Our logic is sound, and our arguments valid, but at least they're doing something! What this argument does is emphasizes a core distinction between liberals and conservatives. Liberals are somehow deluded into believing that the majority of our nation's elected officials are altruistically motivated and that they really want what's best for us and can get it done. And it's this kind of delusion and ignorance that has elected this circus of a congress with some of the lowest approval ratings ever and a dithering White House whose approval ratings have plummeted with historic speed (Again, bare in mind that I am no Republican Party homer but an espouser of conservative ideals). And granted, some bureaucrats may desire to use the government for good, but consider the following example of government impotence even with good intentions. The percentage of poor people in this country is STILL the same as it was when the government declared war on poverty some forty years ago. Say what?

Conservatives simply understand that governments don't fix things; the people do. What government officials do is get elected and reelected on the promissory illusion of fixing things.

Obviously there are the necessaries like departments of transportation, the police, the military and the like, but outside providing for the "general welfare" of the people, the government just does not fix things. It makes things worse via its own expansion. In this time of economic decline and recession, the only sector that has grown is the public sector. Unfortunately their isn't one solitary government outfit or position that turns a profit, and you know what that means? We the people have to pay those salaries. Again, yes, it is absolutely necessary that tax dollars go to provide for the necessaries, but this nation will collapse on itself as the sector that doesn't produce continues to squeeze money out of the one that does. While I'm on that note, I'm increasingly enraged when I hear politicians say they're going to focus on creating jobs. THEY DON'T CREATE JOBS! The greatest impact they ever had on the job market was to lower taxes so that actual profit turning companies can grow their companies. That is it! (Note my astute use of italics to convey emotion.)

To sum up, conservatives send candidates to office to do less, to legislate as dictated in the constitution. Liberals send them to fix stuff. Fixing things is not a government forte but rather that of a free people. Even with all the corresponding ups and downs, successes and failures, it is a free, responsible, and accountable people that is the most successful.


Sabrina and Matt said...

Very well put. Miss Rand said it well...Evil requires the sanction of the victim.