Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Liberal/Progressive Politician

I'm an easy going, cheerful kind of guy, and there are few things in this world for which I have serious contempt. One of those things is the liberal/progressive politician. This rare, pretentious, and haughty "civil servant" operates on the premise and assumption that the American people don't know and can't do what's best for themselves without the intercessory guidance and aid of a strong, centralized government. Nancy Pelosi is one such and perhaps the very personification of the sort. In her most recent op-ed piece she describes the task ahead of the current congress and declares it the mission of congress to build a new economy. Huh?

Call me stupid, but I don't know how our government goes about the work of building an economy unless it has assumed more power and authority than otherwise permitted in the constitution. And I don't know of any government that produced a very successful economy anyway. However, Pelosi and the like are deluded into thinking that somehow they know better, and if we morons would just get out of their way, then we'd all be fine.

Would someone try and sell me on this?

The only thing the American people need from Pelosi, Reid, and Obama is for them to get out of the way and let us take care of ourselves.


pam said...

AMEN. Thank you for saying that. I just wish we could say it in big bubble letters over the white house on a daily basis. . .

Karie said...

You are awesome Marshall! Well said, I agree.