Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry, Mr. President, but the majority of voters in Massachusetts didn't vote for Scott Brown for the same reason that the rest of the country voted for you. They're not sending Brown to Washington as a knee-jerk reaction to the Bush era. Scott Brown will fill the seat democrats have long since designed to support the buttocks of one of their own, and he will do so because his electorate is upset with you and your progressive style of huge government. Thankfully, enough people in this country are sufficiently versed in constitutional government and the history of this nation's founding that they see right through your policies that unfortunately have no historical merit and are founded in Utopian, marshmallow wonder. And no, the problem isn't that you got too busy and forgot to truly explain things to the American people. Not even my parents remember a president who released more statements, gave more interviews, and was on television more than you were. Not even close. We get what you're saying, but luckily we have not descended too far as a society that you can treat us like an Orwellian proletariat and further your agenda without a fight.

This country is right of center, always has been and always will be (hopefully). So by all means, continue to perambulate toward your own and your party's ruin with your progressive, leftist, and radical ideology. Or you could try to channel 1995 Clinton and move to the center, but even if you do, it's too late. We already know what you really want.